Emcee & Host

The most important element in any event is the host.

We only work with high quality emcees and hosts. Over the years, we have abundance of experience to judge if an emcee will make or break your event.

A right kind of emcee will know how to welcome, entertain and hype the guest in any given situation. Engaging only creative, fun yet disciplined emcees that are well versed in time management, crowd engagement while still reserving manners and communication ethics is a must in our company.

Rest assured we will only propose to you only the best. Below are some of our emcee’s who are under our agency.

Emcee Helmi the Gimmick

Emcee Gilbert Khoo

Emcee Alan Labush

Emcee Michelle Goh

Emcee Jiggee Jon

Emcee Adrian Yeoh

Emcee Carolyn Ooi

Emcee Joanne Tan

Emcee Zachary Gnow

Emcee Joshua Lim

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