Launch Gimmick

A launch gimmick is probably one of the most important aspect of any product, brand or service. It is the first act of introduction to the public of how great a brand or event would be. It impacts the crowd and audience in a way that they will still remember the launch long after its over.

The launch gimmicks available are such as hydraulic launcher, balloon reveal, banner drop, pyrotechnic launch, confetti explosion, video animation, plasma ball, palm scanner, 3D product reveal, book launch hydraulic, and many other custom made machines, methods and styles.

Since 2003, only with years of experience, creativity, precision and synchronization will we be able to produce world class launch and introduction. Here are some examples of past launches, gimmicks and methods available for hire.


Launch Gimmick Compilations

Launch Gimmick with Pyro, Animation, Sound Effects & Confetti

Launch Gimmick with Animation, Sound Effects & Confetti

Launch Gimmick with Balloon Blowup

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